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Welcome to Let's BIM Together! AG Tools is a simple, easy-to-use multi-tool plugin for Autodesk Revit. The toolset is completely free for all uses, including commercial. Because it initially was created for personal use by an Architectural Designer, it eliminates many repetitive tasks done from Revit's end-user perspective. At the moment, there is a total of 19 different tools include with an indepth video manual / demo available for each one of them. You can find more information on the TOOLS page.

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Note: www.LetsBIMtogether.com (Let's BIM Together, DBA) is a single person startup and is not affiliated with Autodesk Inc & Autodesk Revit. Also, these beautiful icons came from www.icons8.com


This is me, Arthur Ganem. I graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Architecture in 2016. Working at a small architecture firm, I discovered that there were many automation opportunities in architectural design platforms. I started my coding journey by writing AutoLISP routines to tackle some of those tedious tasks in AutoCAD. When I was introduced to the Revit API, I felt like a kid in a candy store. Since then I have shifted my focus to C#, Dynamo and Python. (in this hierarchy by the way). In my free time I work on my car, go indoor rock climb, and take my dog, Rex, on nature adventures.

This is Rex. He came to us from the world of finance where he lost everything during the 2022 crypto crash. He is a HODLer though, and his burried only-who-knows-where bonefolio still contains DOGE, BABYDOGE, SHIBA INU, and BONE. Now he is in charge of security on our premises.

This is Rolo. He is a reformed street cat who is our senior bird analyst. He has a superior advantage for crunching numbers compared to other cats because of his total of 26 toes.